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Terrazzo Judaica

Terrazzo Lighting Collection

Berko Design Studio

The studio specializes in the design and production of modern terrazzo & creates a refreshing look at a traditional and age-old craft

BERKO design studio ברקו דקור סטודיו לעיצוב

Terrazzo Accessories

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Home Decor

"In my work processes I aim to stretch the stone to its most elastic point"

I am Barak With a background in architecture, construction and the worlds of design. I aim to stretch the material to its highest point. In the studio we aim to design precise aesthetic products while understanding the material, the technique, the needs of the user and strive to create furniture that will be durable over the years and will serve us in the circle of life. We try to balance classic international design with our local-contemporary vision, combining traditional materials with new techniques and technologies. Therefore, every detail in our work is important and receives full attention. Every product in the studio has a story from the moment of inspiration, through production to the final product.

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